Americans Spending Millions to Bribe Pakistani Media!


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Re: US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan

Zeeshan Khan said:
@Pathfinder: USA is not only giving aid to media. It has given a lot of aid to social sector organizations and military aid as well. Plus you really cannot control ALL of the media. Thats just too theoretical.

as i mentioned earlier the aid is there to only steer the image of US straight and make them more popular by trying to preach a positive mantra about them, let me tell you it will not work if they think people will be fooled that quickly. but i could be wrong people might begin to fall head over heels for them which would not surprise to the very least i mean here is an example of their success. .

As for the aid that you put on a pedestal is not aid but breadcrumbs being given sorry i mean to say breadcrumbs being thrown at like some animal. 2billion cannot do jack for a country the size of Pakistan. but it benifits one mans pockets beyond any desire [zardari]


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May 18, 2010 US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan
By Ibrahim Sajid Malick | Examiner

The Obama administration plans to spend nearly $50 million on Pakistani media this year to reverse anti-American sentiments and raise awareness of projects aimed at improving quality of life, confirms a Washington insider.

After the Kerry-Lugar Bill debacle, the Obama administration had struggled with the idea of branding aid and many within the State department and the USAID had argued that identifying projects may backfire.

By announcing that a school was built and is being maintained partly because of the aid received from America you can alienate people, said someone who had proposed not branding the aid.

The US Special Representative to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke believes that a substantial amount of monies spent on media- especially private TV channels will reduce tension and may even bring Pakistan-US relations back on the right path.

Senator John Kerry, the main architect of Kerry-Lugar bill also supports the idea of claiming credit for all the good work being done to improve infrastructure, energy and education, said a source in Senators office.

Reuters today reported that the Obama administration has sent lawmakers a plan for funding water, energy and other projects. Report said the US intends to spend $1.45 billion of earmarked for the Kerry-Lugar bill in fiscal 2010.

The trust deficit had surged after a well intended aid package focused to uplift Pakistans civilian society was trashed by a section of Pakistani media. Interviews with diplomatic sources in Washington, D.C. and media coverage of the KLB debacle had demonstrated growing frustration of the Obama administration.

Although American officials publicly praise military operation in South Waziristan, in private they sing a different tune; their assessment of alignment is rather pessimistic. Stories leaked to media consistently allege that al-Qaeda leadership is still enjoying safe haven in Pakistan.

Pakistan-U.S. relations have not been this tenuous before, and the Obama administration is frustrated with the outcome of the Kerry-Lugar bill. No one had anticipated such negativity, said an American official who did not want to be identified. We thought Pakistanis [would] celebrate the passage of this bill. This is what we were told by representatives of Pakistani government.

Pakistani government representatives from President Zardari to Foreign Minister Qureshi and Ambassador Hussain Haqqani further down the chain had assured the Americans that Pakistanis would be jubilant; KLB was suppose to heal all wounds, rectify all wrongs and erase memories of the past from the consciousness of the masses.

The Obama administration has shared their plan to sponsor high impact projects and communicate the value of these projects using local media.

Voice of America, a radio and TV platform that speaks for the government of the US already has a tie-up with Geo TV and now they have aligned with Express TV as well.

The Obama administration plans to help Pakistans democratic government meet budget shortfalls and deliver services to a population increasingly angry about economic and security troubles. As the funding builds the capacity of the government to provide basic services, the US sponsored Pakistani media will raise awareness and a build a brand for America, our sources have confirmed.


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So What do you guys think, will get sold out to the US?

ARY is the most volunerable. Remember they were sold out to mushi but now dr shahid is there so things might be different....lets see


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Geo and Express are already sold out. Hillary met with both of them CEO

ARY will be easy prey also. Shining dollars do wonderful things for people.

But behind the scene its actually yahood that pushing for control of media. You already see fahashi, uryani, lies, and fake news have started (cry)


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I haven't seen Dr.Shahid for so long, and all the other anchors have hushed down as well, while talking about Govt/Zardari. May be the money is already taking its effect. :P

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i think americans are wasting their millions of pounds
when same work could be don for just few hundred thousands

no wonder our anhors earn half a million per month


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Don't our channels have free airtime to sell ... they have ... surely. So there gotta be no discrimination as to what channel is more likely to be sold ... it would be media time ... columns in papers, magazine cover-ups, and I am sure the more they do it ... the more they will be hated. But one very interesting thing unearthed in this interview ... so our dirty politicians were "reassuring US Officials that people of Pakistan would be very happy with Kerry-Lugar Bill and this media terrain" ... while they have been playing rough to all the naysaying voices over here ... dirty double-faced double-crossers ...

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Who is this lady Anusha ?

look she is trying to be more gora than goras.......she said ......south asians love conspiracy theories and that this media support is for supporting health awareness programme etc etc.........

crap total crap..........


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Re: $50 million bribe to Pakistani media by Americans,

just watched that,its shocking Now I dont have any hope from this so called free media...What a shame...Everything is for sale in this country.

M javed

Re: $50 million bribe to Pakistani media by Americans,

Now, America don't have to buy milk in kilos, they are after buying a buffalo.


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Re: $50 million bribe to Pakistani media by Americans,

faisal tum ne bhi naqli syasi panah ley hai ....................
u r wright imran ne ke paas pak passport hai.............
pahley apne garebaan main dekhoo..........
sharam tum ko aati nahi..........