1. WatanDost

    AlertNet Scrapbook - Almost 2 million Indian children under 5 die annually

    AlertNet Scrapbook - Almost 2 million Indian children under 5 die annually By Nita Bhalla | Wednesday at 12:31 PM | Comments ( 0 ) More than 1.74 million children in India die every year before they reach their fifth birthday, the government was quoted as saying by the Indian Express on...
  2. K

    $42 Million From Seven Foundations Helped Fuel the Rise of Islamophobia in America - Shakir Video What is going on in USA ? (May Allah give them hadith) Following a six-month long investigative research project, the Center for...
  3. 1-Man-Army

    Pervaiz Rasheed's tax return. Whopping 0 rupees!

    source: Documents provided to ECP
  4. Nawazish

    Japanese police say people have returned $78 million in missing cash after quake

    Japanese police say people have returned $78 million in missing cash after quake. "The fact that a hefty 2.3 billion yen in cash has been returned to its owners shows the high level of ethical awareness in the Japanese people," In the five months since a devastating earthquake struck...
  5. zeemeer

    Over 1 Million Students to Get Free Genuine Microsoft software

    Microsoft Pakistan, in collaboration with HEC, has launched National Student Software Accessibility Portal (NSSA) – a service that will streamline software distribution to all students and faculty members of public sector universities under the Higher Education Commission (HEC) umbrella. All...
  6. H

    Zoom 100 Million Light Years From Earth

    This is what humans have discovered so far.and their ilm (knowledge) is very limited. After looking at thismeaning of lot of hadeeses became clear. For instance.last person enter in Jannat will get the jannat which will be 10 times of this earth. Subhanallah. Allah is the only creator..imagine...
  7. Geek

    Privatization commission spent Rs250 million on advertisements and just Rs10 million on flood relief

    ISLAMABAD: The Privatisation Commission has spent the majority of cash allocated for flood relief activities on advertisements, Express News has learnt. An amount of Rs270 million was allocated for flood relief activities, but the commission spent Rs250 million on advertisements and just Rs10...
  8. canadian

    Firdous Ashiq Awan Assets: 755 tolas (9.060 Kg) gold, 68 Million Rupees

    ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan can be weighed in gold, as she possesses the precious metal in kilograms, according to her own declarations made to the Election Commission. Among the members of the Parliament she owns over nine kilos of the yellow metal which has a...
  9. WatanDost

    Monthly 30 Million Litre DUTY FREE Fuel Given to NATO, PPP Government.

  10. karachiwala

    US Embassy sex scandal costs company $7.5 million

    If youre going to provide security at a US embassy in Kabul, paying for sex might cost you a few million dollars. Thats the lesson learned this week by a private contract company that was hired to help out in Afghanistan and then accused of soliciting sex. The Department of Justice says...
  11. canadian

    Musharrafs assets: Farmhouse, Rs. 80 million in bank accounts

  12. E

    Rich MPAs of Pakistan; Shahbaz Shareef has assets of Rs 489.64 million

    Shahbaz richest member of Punjab assembly By Iftikhar A. Khan and Kalbe Ali | From the Newspaper June 17, 2011 (2 days ago) ISLABABAD: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is the richest member of the Punjab Assembly with assets of Rs489.64 million in the country and abroad. According to...
  13. canadian

    Choice between Million Dollars and a Beloved Partner !!

    Choice between Million Dollars and a Beloved Partner By: Yasir Pirzada I have a simple question. If given a choice, what a woman would chose, a million dollars or a beloved partner? Although the question looks quite rudimentary in nature but the more I thought about it, the more complicated...
  14. Waseem

    Behind the Myth of 3 million : The Truth that Mujib Suppressed

    4.1. The MCAs Report: The MCAs whom Mujib personally assigned to the task of finding the casualty figures of their respective districts apparently went ahead with their task. With the help of their local district, subdivision, thana, and union Awami League party and governmental machineries...
  15. Bilal_Mushi

    Yet another Govt. corruption scandal : Amin Fahim took Rs. 24.4 million from NICL money.

  16. biomat

    1 straight truth vs million lies by dr wasfi, ya shabab qad anab nasheed (must watch)

  17. ishwaq

    Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), after verification of records from NADRA, expunged 37 million

  18. pakistan1947

    Who get's the $25 Million?

    Murder of U.S. Nationals Outside the United States; Conspiracy to Murder U.S. Nationals Outside the United States; Attack on a Federal Facility Resulting in Death USAMA BIN LADEN Date of Photograph Unknown Multimedia: Images Aliases: Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin, Shaykh Usama Bin...
  19. karachiwala

    Queen to rake in 38 million a year renting out UK coastline for turbines

    Tory Chancellor George Osborne is granting the Royals a wind farm windfall worth 38million a year. The Queen's jackpot was slipped into the measures Mr Osborne announced last Wednesday - as he slashed jobs and benefits for millions. By scrapping the Civil List and instead giving the Royal...
  20. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Million dollar mosques surrounded by hungry Muslims

    Million dollar mosques surrounded by hungry Muslims April 16, 2011 So much is spent on the building of such a grand mosque but not on the worshippers inside of it. I came across a BBC article about the grandest mosque in Abu Dhabi. Built in 2007, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque can...