After delighting the world with his meme-worthy reaction to Pakistan's fielding, Zainab tracked down Mohammad Akhtar for a chat!


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pakistan only lost cuz of those drop catches

Pakistan came back in the game but shoddy performance from your main batsman like Babar azam who was in great touch but got out cheaply and not on good delivery at all.
Hafeez Shoaib are rotten eggs. Hafeez never performed when your opener out early, Imam Ul Haq got out on wide ball, Hafeez got out to a part timer full toss. Opener was guiding the ball in the hands of 3rd man. Babar look so good but got out in the same fashion as opener Fakhar zaman. These bunch of ass holes made easy match a difficult one.
For Pakistani supporters it’s better to support Indian team. It’s just a suggestion cause Pakistani team has no chance and they have many politicians in the team not the performers.
I left cricket long while ago and specially after England fiasco in 2010, I completely stopped watching Pakistan ?? cricket but our heart ❣ is Pakistani so I watched today’s game even though I knew Hafeez n’ Shoaib two big politicians are in the team but I still watched and wasted my day off. I regret.