Aapas Ki Baat - 11th April 2011 - MQM's Arrival In Punjab & NRO Review Case!!!


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whether You people accept or not
whether You people accept or not MQM is the most organize party of Pakistan. you can love it or hate it but can't ignore it...!
ppp n pmln r biggest party of the country but it has been proved no one could get such a attention. In number game MQM having a 4th number but in hype creation .........! After having all allegation ( Bhatta khoori, deshat gerdi, bori band laash) its continuously expanding across the country. Its a one n only political party who's vote bank has increased in every election. In 1988 she got 13 in 90 got 15 in 93 did boycott in 97 got 17 in 2002 got 21 and in 2008 got 25 seats in national election.. Even on this channel you people just talk about it most of you(99%) use abusive language about it and some of you (1%) do give favor. Its fact, I know very well after this post you ll start on me , in this post i didn't support MQM just put a fact in front of You.
Whether you people accept or not
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