Aaj Kamran khan key Saath - 19th June 2012 - Imran Khan & Mian Nawaz Sharif


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Re: Aaj Kamran khan key Saath-Imran Khan-19-06-2012

Nawaaz nearly called Kamran as Imraan, bechara Ik iss key hawaasun per sawaar hai.

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Ab bohat sher ho gaiy hai !

Nawaz Sharif stop your rhetoric which is neither here nor there,PLEASE! Won't say it again!

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imra imran imran hahahah
yeh bay chara raat ko kaye baar harbra kar uthta ho gaa
muja to mariam ka bhi yeh hi haal nazar ata hai.
ha ay becharay naam kay shreef
imra aa ya imran aa ya[hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar]


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Gillani known as "Chai Panee" was the worst ever PM of the world history, because he is characterless, "Tharkee Budhaa", hypocrate, prone, laced with profanity, obnoxious, insensate, most corrupt in the history of the world, illeterate, without any vision, king of liers, and balla balla balla.

He should be hanged with his "two dirty stinnking balls" with the light balls in his own city Multan. So each and every common Pakistani atleast spit on his disgusting face.......simply he is more than a son-of-a-bit*ch.


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Nawaz Sharif is the founder of insult to Judiciary. He must always be held responsible whenever any one in power tries to degrade Judiciary. We must not forget this ever. No Anchor asks him this question when this 'be-zameer' talks about 'zameer' and respect for Judiciary. I have seen his interviews with Hamid Mir and Iftikhar although I hate to see his face but I wanted to see how these anchors will interview him. Both of them while tried their best to corner Imran Khan when they interviewed him but failed in their attempts, but both of them did not ask Nawaz the key and difficult questions. Even Kamran has never asked him any key questions. There is a long list of crimes for which I would like to see Nawaz alongside his buddy Zardari behind bars for a long time for what they have done against this nation. If Nawaz had played the role of real opposition then Pakistani nation would not have suffered that much. I have no hestitation to say that Nawaz is as much responsibile as Zaradari and Gilani for our current bad to worst situation and he must be rejected by the people who really have 'zameer' and love justice and they should support Imran Khan, the only hope left for us in the current situation. He is honest and crystal clear and speaks what he thinks and believes. May Allah protect and grant success to Imran and whosoever honest and sincere with our nation. Aamin.


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نواز شریف

اگر اس ملک کو قانون آئین کے راستے پر چلنے دیا جاتا تو ملک وہاں پہنچتا جہاں آج پہنچ رہا ہے


پاکستان اب اور چھ مہینے کا متحمل نہیں ہو سکتا
ایسا کہتے کہتے ہم نے ساڑھے چار سال گزار دے ہیں

واہ نواز شریف واہ کیا سیاسی بصیرت ہے

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