Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 19th August 2011 - Khwaja Muhammad Asif - Karachi Issue


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Jaag jao pakistani bhaio jaag jao or bacha loo pakistan ko ppp. Mqm oranp say . Yeh 3 parties zumydaar hen en halaat kay


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Zardari said we have given our Bhutto lifes now this country is all mine (our) & forever and his Son Bilawal Bhutto Prince of Pakistan will be the next President of Pakistan


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Pakistani nation is a bunch of pathological liers and Khusras, there is not a single Mard in Pakistan to stop this killings in Karachi. Zardari is not going to call Army in Karachi coz he is party in this war.


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well if you want peace in the city give the power to the people of karachi. bcoz this corrupt PPP GOVT useless good for nothing.
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YES ZULFIQAR BHUTTO, ZARDARI, ZULFIQAR MIRZA PARTY + MQM+ANP are responsible for bloodshed in KARACHI.(AL! AMAAN-AL hafeez) there are four ZEDS in one partys name.ALLAH shower his mercy upon us.we should elect sincere patriot,responsible and positively geniuos leadership in soon coming elections if we are sincere with this pak land.
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Altaf aur zardari sahi kesi haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarami ki ulaad hain:sari game ye chala rahe hain;in dono ko churahe par phanci deni chayr:
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaarami pakistan ko tor rahe hain:


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i feel keh yeh sab pakistani fauj ka is qom se inteqam hai kiun keh in ke chife musharraf ko is qom ne zaleel kar keh nikala to inhon ne engineerd election se hum ko in hukamrano keh hawalay kia hai takay hum sab ko saza dai sakay.