Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 19th August 2010


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Countries around the world helped pakistan at the time when it needed the most ,we like to say thank you all for your kind generosity and donations which we will certainly remember for a long time-God bless you all.Mr.salman shah gave a very nice and valuable proposal that pakistan owe 23 billion dollars to different countries ,if they write-off that loan or subsidise it for relief work if world community can write-off Haiti's loans then they can also do pakistan's too .Its a very good proposal but we need an honest leader who can talk with the world community about it but certainly zardari is not the right man for this job.The american journalist asked the question to zardari about his credibility,she was right on target. Zardari is lying when he says he is not govt,he is the govt.PM dont have the power to make any decision on his own.PM is like a sitting duck thats what the insiders say not me.John kerry is also here to give a helping hand to zardari because zardari's time has come to go . everyone hates him because he also dont listen to no one and put the people in every govt deptt dishonest and corrupt,even in the president house.favourtism and nepotism everywhere,this is not the way to run the country.Allah is not happy with pakistan thats why zardari was put in place as president,just ask, does he deserve this job,then floods? foreign countries are reluctant to donate because of who,you know that? Pakistan should accept the donation from india as a good gesture and try to revive the good relation strategy with india and israel.Lets have a good chapter of good and friendly relationship with all the countries .
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