4 Year Old Chinese Girl Drives a Car on The Road


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Father allows his daughter, FOUR, to take the wheel of family car along busy city road

Speeding along a busy city highway skillfully negotiating traffic, this motorist would not have looked out of the ordinary to pedestrians from a distance.

But video footage of the tiny driver shows the girl put behind the wheel by her parents is, amazingly, a four-year-old child.

The youngster may be barely old enough to ride a bike or big enough to see over the steering wheel, but her parents nonetheless allowed her to drive the car along the freeway in Jinal, Shandong Province, China.

The four-year-old Chinese girl peers over the steering wheel as her father allows her to drive along the busy highway in Shandong Province, China

The two-minute video shows the girl, who appears to be called Jia Zheng, speeding calmly along the road and even overtaking other vehicles.

At one point in the footage, she mistakenly queues in the left turn lane before carefully turning the wheel to change into the neighbouring lane and continue.

After several minutes a man is heard saying: 'Jia Zheng, stop the car. Let daddy drive.'

The man then jumps out of the car and slides into the driving seat.

He is even seen removing an implement from under the seat that the youngster has used to control the accelerator and brake.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...-family-car-busy-city-road.html#ixzz1WkQcAC5s


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Look at her...........full of confidence and driving so calmly .... so she will doing something big in the future(clap) if She survive


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this is hight of stupidy, not only putting their own life in danger but also of others on the road, marny kaa itna he shook hai tu eskoo kaheen abadi say door lee jar deen taa mareen tu khud mareen dosron ko tu naa mareen


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idiots can be any where ... and he made VDO of it but since how long he may have been allowing the girl to drive and on top of it he was feeling proud of this ... kis na kaha jahil aur chechorey sirf india main hotey hain....


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Adeel sb grammer mistake two apastrophies in one sentence.. hehehehheh

Bibi..angraizi is my second language. I hope you can over look the mistakes next time ;)

That's just scary. The dad's putting everyone's life in danger

I think there is no mistake as you put Full stop .... ( . ) , resulted to start new sentence & use another apostrophe .... in my opinion the claim of one sentence is wrong ..... as far as my Weak English is concerned ..... :P