30 lac Afghan refugees are in Pakistan | Fawad Chaudhry speech today


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Any Afghans nationals living in Pakistan who are anti Pakistan,pro Hindu and pro PTM should kindly go back to Afghanistan.Those who are lively peacefully and want to stay are welcome.They have suffered greatly in the past and deserve a peaceful life.


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Time for them to be made to pack up and exit. A bulk of them are active members of the anarchist and Indian proxy, PTM.
The first and foremost priority of any government including Pakistani Government is the welfare and well being of its own citizens….In the meantime all Afghanis should be sent back to their own country…Thanks.


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The LAANTI PM wants to grants Pakistani nationality to these afghans....its only the military who stepped in and this LAANTI PM ahd to take another UTURN.....Ye laantion ki hakoomat hai ....a curse of God upon us


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jo afghani pakistani friendly hai inko always welcome karna chahie.. afghani hamare musalman bhai hai Lekin jo hindu banya ki ghod me hai Onko foran deport karna chahie
There is a small segment who are anti-Pakistan and unfortunately those few are mainstream and on media/internet etc.