1989 - Dinner for Pakistani & Indian Cricketers with GENIUS SIR TIGER IMRAN KHAN


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Nawaz Sharif has always been jealous of Imran's fame and handsome status. He has been rejected by all women he proposed including Kim Barker. Nawaz Sharif has been singing songs on zong mobile but to no avail.


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what a sweet memories.Any one could think at that time that he would be the most popular political leader of pakistan. May be Allah has chosen him for the job taking mercy on people of pakistan.i have seen a dream about him couple of years ago i have strong feelings that dream is going to true. insha Allah. My the best wishes for him.

Imran Siddiqi

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Imran Khan was voted as the most handsome cricketer in Kerry Packer World Series Cricket. This Video confirms Why!!!!
So Nawaz Shareef is not the only one who is Jealous a lot of Brits, Aussies and Kiwis were jealous of him as well.
Good Old memories.
Thanks for Sharing


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Great Personality

Great Leader

Great Human Being

Great Teacher

Great Fighter

All qualities in this man. May Allah Bless him. Ameen


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How gracious was King Khan in profiling his players, no wonder they did wonders for him and Pakistan on the field. Imagine if given the chance how he would mobilize this country to amazing heights!