1. Siasi Jasoos

    UN says officials barred from using WhatsApp

    UNITED NATIONS: United Nations officials do not use WhatsApp to communicate because “it’s not supported as a secure mechanism,” a U.N. spokesman said on Thursday, after U.N. experts accused Saudi Arabia of using the online communications platform to hack the phone of Amazon chief executive and...
  2. Siasi Jasoos

    WhatsApp ready to roll out Dark Mode feature

    WhatsApp is finally rolling out the much-awaited Dark Mode feature and reportedly some of its users have already tested it. In the latest reports posted by WABetaInfo report, a blog that tracks WhatsApp developments, the Facebook-owned social messaging app is working on rolling out the dark...
  3. A

    WhatsApp bring new features including dark mode, fingerprint authentication

    WhatsApp has started testing a couple of new exiting features, including dark mode, consecutive voice messages, picture-in-picture background play and fingerprint authentication for android devices. The features are likely to function soon, however the dark mode is finally visible in the...
  4. U

    WhatsApp app updated with new Snapchat features

    Few months back in September, Facebooks Whatsapp had introduced snapchat like beta features in their application. These Snapchat beta features allowed you to share photos and videos including GIF images as your status. Finally Facebook has announced to launch the updates yesterday. Now WhatsApp...
  5. U

    Attention alarm for WhatsApp users

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  6. M Ali Khan

    Forwarded, as received

    good piece on baseless nonsense shared on Whatsapp and social media Forwarded, as received by Salman Masood, 13 November 2016 Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will step down on Monday. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan or Shahbaz Sharif will be elevated as the new Prime Minister as the Supreme Court...
  7. B

    Ufone to Charge WhatsApp Calls With Regular Data Tariffs

    Ufone to Charge WhatsApp Calls With Regular Data Tariffs Ufone has decided to charge WhatsApp calls as per regular data tariffs, i.e. Rs. 20 for 1st MB and then 19 MBs free. Regular usage of WhatsApp will be charged from data bundles volumes as per routine. New pricing mechanism is effective...
  8. foqia khan

    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS