1. R

    Don't take Rana Sanaullah seriously , inme himmat hi nahi Sharif biradran ke saamne baat karne ki :-

    4984940 Alternate Link
  2. ActionPredictor

    Nuclear Weapon Transportation by Road

    Nuclear Weapon Gets Rear ended Have you ever seen a nuclear missile being transported in a convoy? Several helicopters in the air and federal marshals leading the way. The crazy thing is that the fed pulled over and was yelling and waving his hands that I can't record this video! And then a...
  3. atensari

    Pentagon Contractor Caught Illegally Selling Military Technology to China

    A six-year U.S. probe found that Pratt & Whitney, a key military hardware supplier to the U.S., sold China the software and engines needed to make its first-ever modern attack helicopter. The Canadian arm of the aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney closed a six-year U.S...
  4. A

    Weapon of 21st century...... Orya Maqbool Jan

    Nice Article by Orya Maqbool Jan (21th saadi ka hatheyar) http://express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1101312307&Issue=NP_LHE&Date=20110817
  5. Geek

    CIA's secret Iraq weapon revealed: a Saddam gay sex tape

    Bizarre US plots included exploding cigars to kill Fidel Castro and fake video of Osama bin Laden's campfire drinking In their time, America's secret agencies have tried some outlandish schemes to attack their country's enemies, including, most famously, an attempt to do away with...
  6. PkRevolution

    ISRAEL must be de-nuclearised!!! Israel's nuclear weapon not in safe hands.

    Israeli Terror against Muslims. Muslims responsible for so called Holocaust?? Hitler's revenge from muslims?? Are Nuclear assets of Israel safe?? Israel, who believes on terror, who threatened Iran many times. These Nuclear Assets in the hand of irresponsible Israel a threat to Muslims.
  7. F

    Where is Nuclear / Chemical weapon ? @Indians and West

    Wikileaks: Al-Qaeda plotted chemical and nuclear attack on the West One of the terrorist group’s most senior figures warned that al-Qaeda had obtained and hidden a nuclear bomb in Europe that would be detonated if Osama bin Laden was killed or captured. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the...