1. janbazali

    telephone number of REGISTRAR SUPREME COURT

    051-9213770 This is telephone number of REGISTRAR SUPREME COURT, (DR.FAQIH MUHAMMAD) Please contact him in thousands and tell him that you want Supreme Court to take suo-moto against SAFMA's ideological insurgency in Pakistan. which is destroying the roots of Pakistan by denying the...
  2. hans

    Why Osama (OBL) had 500 Euros tucked in his cloths with two telephone numbers?

    Just a Proposition, a Theory. If he was planning to make a run from the Security forces that is too little money. If he wanted to bribe his way out of a situation.. Then that still seems to be very little for any one. Particularly for a Pakistani Police officer. What I think...
  3. C

    Fake Telephone Exchanges- Billions Scandal

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