1. S

    Iran has stopped oil supply to india

  2. Bilal_Mushi

    Final notice issued to Aiwan-e- Sadr, PM house to pay outstanding dues till Friday or face disconnec

    Final notice issued to Aiwan-e- Sadr, PM house to pay outstanding dues till Friday or face disconnection of power supply ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) while issuing final notice to Aiwan-e-Sadr, Prime Minister House and Prime Minister Secretariat for payment of...
  3. B

    Iran warns india :It will stop oil supply from Aug if dues not cleared New Delhi/Tehran, July 19 (PTI) Coinciding with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton''s India visit, Iran today issued a new warning that it will halt crude oil supplies to India from August unless a mechanism is found to...
  4. gazoomartian

    America shifts supply routes from Pakistan - Report.

    WASHINGTON: The US military is expanding its Central Asian supply routes to the war in Afghanistan, fearing that the routes going through Pakistan could be endangered by deteriorating US-Pakistani relations, a US newspaper reported late Saturday. Citing unnamed Pentagon officials, the...
  5. ealtaf

    Monsanto Trying to Take Over World Seed Supply, Nation by Nation

    Kaitlyn Moore NaturalNews June 27, 2011 He who controls the seed controls the food supply; and he who controls the food supply controls the world. There is no question that Monsanto is on a mission to monopolize the conventional seed market. In fact, they are steadfastly working towards the...
  6. J

    Endless supply of narcotics' in George W Bush's empire by Lisa Baron

    The book titled 'The Life of the Party', written by Lisa Baron, recounts a lifestyle of casual sex and 'a seemingly endless supply of narcotics' in George W Bush's empire Read full story : 'Sex, drugs and dirt during Dubya...
  7. S

    Stop NATO supply and drone attacks would also stop - Moulana Sami ul Haq

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum,
  8. P

    PTI Dharna Is Not For Blocking NATO Supply
  9. pakiace

    Nato supply route reopened today (25.4.2011)

    PESHAWAR: Nato can resume supplying its troops in Afghanistan through a key Pakistani route on Monday after protesters against US drone strikes lifted a blockade, an official said. Supporters of former cricketer Imran Khans political party on Sunday ended a two-day sit-in at a Peshawar road...
  10. Geek

    US to supply Pakistan with 85 mini-drones

    (Reuters) - The United States will provide Pakistan with 85 small "Raven" drone aircraft, a U.S. military official told Reuters on Thursday, a key step to meeting Islamabad's calls for access to U.S. drone technology. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, declined to disclose the...

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