1. QaiserMirza

    SOIL your Soul??

    SOIL YOUR SOUL Quran Undoubtedly, the one who purifies (their soul) has succeeded. And the one who soiled (their soul) has certainly failed. - Surat AshShams 92/9-10 Lessons from this Verse What's the goal in life? Is it just to collect materialistic toys? Or is it .. to purify our...
  2. canadian

    Alack! What poverty thy soul brings forth!

    Alack! What poverty thy soul brings forth! (by Madiha Ishtiaque) Stop evaluating the countrys economic state by inanimate objects of convenience like GDP and GNP! A fairer and veritable case study is not possible inside crisp, painted walls of a tall, financial estate, but can be well...
  3. S

    A very thought Provoking Poem after Ramond Davis Release, Do not miss it!!! Soul touching Poem!!!

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, After the continuous betrayal of Army (High Rank Officers), Judiciary, Politicians and Government. Here is a thought provoking poem.