1. Geek

    Mqm's Babar Ghauri left speech less and tells the anchor to move on.

  2. R

    Showing flexibility: Islamabad may allow expelled US trainers back

    Showing flexibility: Islamabad may allow expelled US trainers back Published: August 27, 2011 Both sides negotiating a solution; number of US personnel likely to be reduced. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and the United States are negotiating a...
  3. hans

    Saudi Arabias Free Hand out to its local citizen... result are showing up.

    Saudi Arabias Domestic Crude Consumption Increases 11% in May <<<< When you try to suppress Democratic movement by giving free handout of Billions of $$$ this is what happens, every one have a few Gas guzzler Car or Van, every one has a few A/C and every one worldly needs increases many...
  4. mohib

    Pakistan Taliban release video showing forces' execution

    (Reuters) - The Taliban have released a videoshowing the execution of more than a dozen Pakistani security forces in the northwest last month. The video, posted on the LiveLeak website showed the security forces, all wearing traditional baggy trousers and tunic, lined up before four militants...
  5. mohib

    Vancouver 2011 riot, but Sardar ji still showing his moves!!!

  6. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 2nd May 2011 - Pakistani have a Qestion Why US Threw The Dead Body Of Osama into sea

  7. biomat

    If it was from muslim country>>> what will world media be showing?? Extremism, brutal, islam??