1. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 25th July 2011 - Abdul Rasheed Godil - Politics On Dead Bodies

  2. ا

    Sri Lanka reject Pakistan tour over security یہ ٹیم 2009 کے دہشت گردوں کا حملہ کیسے بھول سکتے ہیں؟
  3. canadian

    Reject US aid, says Imran Khan !!

    Reject US aid, says Imran Khan Published: May 12, 2011 PTI leader Imran Khan addresses supporters in Peshawar during a sit-in against US drone strikes. PHOTO: AFP/FILE Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan said Pakistan should distance itself from Washington by rejecting all American...
  4. H

    Saudis reject Mecca holy water scare

    Zam Zam water contaminated with arsenic - BBC Saudis need to do a thorough investigation ASAP. I would be interested in comparing the cancer rates in Mecca to London. Quote: Contaminated Zam Zam holy water from Mecca sold in UK By Guy Lyn Holy drinking water contaminated with...