1. A

    Provincial Assembly Seats To Form A provincial Government?

    Cany anyone here please give breakdown of total number of seats in each province and number of seats required to form a provincial government in each province?
  2. crankthskunk

    Federal and Provincial Governments were involved in 12th May Planning: Liaquat Jatoi

    Ummat reporting a press conference by Liaquat Jatoi and Qadir Magsi, in which Jatoi alleged that the planning of 12th May was done on Federal and Provincial level and MQM was not solely responsible for the carnage in the streets of Karachi. Keeping aside the news is published in Ummat, but the...
  3. mohib

    Dynastic politics: Hamza likely to be made provincial general secretary

    LAHORE: Hamza Shahbaz Sharif is likely to win the seat of provincial general secretary of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in the third round of party elections, The Express Tribune has learnt. Sources in the party said that Nawaz Sharif, at a recent meeting here in the city, had told PML-N...
  4. Ammad Hafeez

    MQM Ministers submitted Resignation To Rabita Committee

    Federal And Province Ministers of MQM submitted Resignation form they Ministership To MQM Central Co-ordination Committee
  5. awan4ever

    In Punjab, a Christian cant present the provincial budget! LAHORE: Several provincial legislators in Punjab belonging to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have objected to Punjab cabinet member Kamran Michael presenting the budget on grounds...
  6. hans

    Sindhi leader who sacrificed himself in the laboratory of provincial autonomy

    This post is dedicated to History of Sindh, before Partition, and proof that Sindh can be cut and divided like Bombay Cake. Source: Maulana Abul...
  7. B

    Petition filed in LHC against Provincial and Federal Governments for giving away PKR 35 lakh to lose