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    پاکستانی میڈیا پے سب زیادہ جھوٹ ذرائع کے نام پے بولا جاتا یے

    ق لیگ نے عثمان بزدار کیخلاف شکایت کرنی کی خبر کی تردید کرچکی ہے۔ نائنٹی نیوز کے بعد،جیو بھی ذرائع کے نام پر ق لیگ سے جھوٹی خبر منصوب کیا ہے۔ Federal law minister Farogh Naseem says no black law is being prepared for controlling social media. He said this while giving an interview to a...
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    JUIF + PML Q + ANP + PML N ... now

  3. L

    Political Rumours This Week (2 Dec to 8 Dec 2012) Q League Cues Up The aftermath of the By-Election is continuing with a number of members of the Q League cuing up to potentially join the PML-N. Although the result was downplayed by the PML-Q and PPP alliance, it has left...
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    In Pakistan History Just a few MNAs resigned on pure moral grounds

    LAHORE: Although around 25 National Assembly members are known to have resigned from Pakistans Lower House of Parliament owing to multiple reasons during the last seven years or so, just half a dozen of these legislators have gone on to vacate their seats on principles. With her resignation on...
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    Ganjey Siasatdan Aur Moti Female Models