Political Rumours This Week (2 Dec to 8 Dec 2012)


Q League Cues Up

The aftermath of the By-Election is continuing with a number of members of the Q League cuing up to potentially join the PML-N. Although the result was downplayed by the PML-Q and PPP alliance, it has left a serious dent in the alliances aspirations in Punjab.

Manzoor Wattoo, the PPPs Punjab President, had earlier stated that there would be defections to the PPP/Qyon League alliance. His appointment was aimed at changing gears in Punjab and to launch a pressure campaign on the PML-N. The By Elections seems to have flipped the tables on Mr. Wattoo, who now finds himself under intense pressure from within the PPP where the old guard is now trying to get rid of him before official campaigning begins. Qyon League is taking a different approach, instead of putting pressure to get rid of Manzoor Wattoo, it is rethinking its alliance completely within Punjab.

Qyon League has been forced to do this after at least 10 of its members got in touch with the PML-N through back channels to inquire about the possibility of joining just a day after the By Election results came out. According to sources, some of the interested members were seen at the PML-N Central Secretariat hoping to get a meeting. Sources close to the matter also stated that members of the Qyon League from Jhang, Faislabad and Sargodha have been sending messages in the last couple of days inquiring about a meeting with the PML-N Chief.

The Islamabad Fights

The night after the by elections, Tsunami Fan Club held a meeting in Islamabad to discuss the alleged rigging during its Intra Party polls. Unfortunately like most things in the Fan Club, the meeting moved in a completely different direction. It turned in to a bashing session of Mr. Shafqat Mahmood who the ISF Boysiz apparently blamed for the defeat in Sahiwal NA by election.

Things then moved to SMQ bashing when he asked the people present to stop pretending that they did not contest the elections and accept that they had lost and needed to work harder. Hearing this many fan boysiz jumped at SMQ and shouted him down. SMQ has been keeping to himself since then given that already he has to deal with the threat of mutiny among his ranks in South Punjab. A large number of people who defected with him to the PTI now wish to other move back to the PPP or join PML-N. Given that PML-N has always spoken of SMQ in high regard, it seems that SMQ is seriously ponde


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As a faked tweet was posted by name of SMQ.Later he denied that he never have any tweeter account.Copy-L constantly trying to attract SMQ tp there partyBe careful and give supporting remarks to SMQ on facebook and tweeter.


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http://www.brecorder.com/epaper/br_...rge as the largest party in election: Qureshi


MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will emerge as the largest party in the general elections and the real contest in general elections would be between the PML-N and PTI. Those who were propagating that PTI has no vote bank were living in fool’s paradise, said former foreign minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice-Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi while talking to newsmen here on Friday.

“The balloon of the PPP and PML-Q has deflated. Now they feel like having crutches but no crutches can support them now,” he added. He claimed that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) would emerge as a political power in Punjab and other provinces in general elections and it would lay the foundation for a true democracy in the country. “These foundations will be laid on the basis of principles like independent foreign policy, freedom of interest based foreign debt and monetary institutions,” he added. To a query, he said that the past and current government made their foreign policy dependent of financial needs as a result of which external intervention in national issues increased horribly.


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These people are just wasting their times, because people has already their minds and nothing effect on them.
they have decided that to whom they gona vote ....
people trust on IK so doesn't matter whoever gona join him, people will vote coz of IK..


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Just read the title carefully it says "Political Rumors" so these are just rumors don't believe in them. Noora Leaguers ko dekh k taras bhi nahi aata mjhe..