1. B

    Mianwali Main Pakistan Air Force Ka Tayyara Gir Kr Tabah Ho Gya

    ALT LINK PAF jet crashes while on routine training near Mianwali A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jet crashed near Mianwali while on routine operational training on Thursday, a press release issued by PAF said. "PAF reports with...
  2. U

    Archaeopteryx | Plane with no engine

  3. U

    PIA Plane was defected yet it took a flight - Earlier video found

    ??? 11:30 ??? ????? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???????? 2:30 ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??????? ?????? ????? ??? ???? ???? ????? ????? ??? ????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??????? ??? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?? ?? ...
  4. L

    Pakistan gets first AWACS Plane from China in November

    Pakistan is geeting 4 AWACS plane from China and first of it will be coming to Pakistan in November. On May 10th 2011 PAF Chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleiman had said that three China built AWACS would be delivered by the end of 2011. Geo News 9:00 PM Details are coming in.
  5. jootaymaro

    Hard core PTI supporter Jumps off the plane with PTI flag

    PTI NY Secretary General Yasir Ali Raises PTI Flag Over 14000 Feet In The Sky New York- In an effort to inspire the youth, PTI New York Secretary General Yasir Ali skydived with the flag of Tehreek-e-Insaf from 14400 feet in the sky on Sunday July 24th, 2011. Yasir jumped at a time when...
  6. biomat

    What is this?? Pakistani Drone crashed near korangi oil refinery???

  7. mohib

    Pakistani son of murdered governor sues for 'racial profiling' after he was held over fake plane thr

    The son of a Pakistani official who was assassinated by an Islamic extremist are suing American Airlines after he and his wife were escorted from a plane in handcuffs after a telephone hijacking threat that turned out to be a hoax. Shahbaz Ali Taseer and his wife, Maheen Ghani Taseer, claim...
  8. S

    A Car Or A Plane

    A Car Or A Plane
  9. L

    Merkel lands in India after Iran blocks plane

    By Andreas Rinke, Reuters NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Iran briefly refused to allow a plane carrying German Chancellor Angela Merkel to India to enter its airspace, forcing the government aircraft to circle over Turkey for almost two hours before giving clearance. Merkel, the latest in a series of...
  10. C

    Plane crashes in Faridabad residential colony - Get ready for new Blame game by Indians

    New Dehli, Hellicopter crashes in Faridabad near New Dehli. According to reports, there were seven people onboard including a critically injured patient. All seven are feared dead.......Let's see whom India blame for this Crash...
  11. Bilal_Mushi

    PMs plane makes emergency landing in Paris

    PM’s plane makes emergency landing in Paris The technical error occurred 20 minutes after the plane took off from the Paris Airport. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s official plane had to make an emergency landing at the Paris Airport due to a technical failure. The failure was due...