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    General Misconception About 3 Food Myths Not Believable Anymore

  2. canadian

    Myths About Pakistani Punjab !!

    WASHINGTON DIARY: Myths about Pakistani Punjab Dr Manzur Ejaz In the 60s, there was more liberal space for women in Pakistani Punjab than now; instead of progression Pakistani Punjab has regressed under the heavy pressure of religious fanaticism My dear friend, Sucha Deepak Singh, a...
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    ANALYSIS: Myths versus realities Sheikh Asad Rahman‏

    In the known history of over 5000 years, India/Indians never attacked any country beyond its borders. India, on the other hand, was attacked countless times and ruled by the Pushtuns, Tajiks and Turks like the Khiljis, Suris, Abdalis, Ghaznavis and Moghuls. It was Indians' spiritual belief that...
  4. Geek

    Five myths about Pakistan

    By Anatol Lieven, Published: June 3 Late last month, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said there was no evidence that Pakistani officials had known that Osama bin Laden lived undetected blocks from the countrys equivalent to West Point. But after the al-Qaeda leader was killed in...
  5. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Five myths about the United Nations

    Five myths about the United Nations By: David Bosco | Published: March 29, 2011 More than a week ago, a decisive meeting at the UN Security Council set in motion an armed intervention in Libya. In its wake, the UN secretary general has called on all members to support international...