1. A

    What is "mohajir" word and why Karachi support MQM

    My favourite writer has provided detailed explanation of mohajir word and identity about why Karachi people support MQM even they are in extortion and target killing. Even Dr Arif Alvi appreciated him on twitter for excellent analysis. Everybody must read and try to understand - it is not...
  2. lafatah

    Mohajir Qaumi Movement Part II

    I will not point fingers at anyone or at any party here. But just keep my scope to the eventual results of the Mirza v/s MQM episode ( so far). Yesterday, for the second time MQM came to the press to defend itself and in the act, attack Zulfiqar Mirza for what he said against MQM and again...
  3. S

    Mohajir Qaumi Movement Pakistan (Afaq's Haqiqi Group) dissolved, tender apology to Altaf Hussain

    Mohajir Qaumi Movement Pakistan (Afaq's Haqiqi Group) dissolved, tender apology to Altaf Hussain
  4. D

    Did MQM made good use of MOHAJIR CARD in acheiving their goal of restoring LG system in Karachi?

    Just a few weeks back, the leaders of mqm were shouting loud that their party presence is every where in Pakistan and they raise voice for all poor Pakistanis but suddenly it revert back to ethnic MOHAJIR entity when it left the govt for third time. What their actual policy is?
  5. atensari

    کراچی - ایک تجویز اور ایک سادہ حل

  6. Geek

    Altaf appeals India for asylum to Mohajirs.

    KARACHI: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain on Tuesday appealed Indian leaders to give asylum to Mohajir community of Pakistan, ARY NEWS reports. He asked “if the 1992-like operation was started against MQM, will the Indian leaders provide asylum to us?” In his telephonic speech...
  7. Rathore

    I am Still Mohajir Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

  8. A

    What is MRC (Mohajir Rabita Council)? By Azfar-ul-Ashfaque KARACHI, July 14: Widely believed to be a shadowy organisation with close and ill-disguised ties with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the Mohajir Rabita Council was formed over two decades ago with the stated aim of working...
  9. WatanDost

    Zulfaqar Mirza and shahi Syed should Leave Karachi in 48 hours - Mohajir Rabta Council

    Kia yeah aap ki JAHALAT urBADMAASHI nahi hai? Ghalti per MAAFI maangi ja sakti hai Jo kai maangi gai. AAP KO YEAH HAQ KIS NAI DIYA HAI kai PAKISTAN KAI KISSI SHEHRI ko CHAHEY woh kitna JAHIL kioon na ho APP PAKISTAN KAI KISSI SHEHAR SAI NIKAL JANEY KA MUTALBA KARAIN?
  10. A

    Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chairman Aamir Khan finally released from Karachi jai Mohajir leader Aamir Khan released from Karachi jail KARACHI: Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chairman Amir Khan has been released from Central Jail on Monday. It should be mentioned here that Amir Khan was arrested in May 2003, after which he...
  11. J

    Dr Zakir Naik & Altaf Hussain-Same Thought About Partition