1. Digital_Pakistani

    Intolerant India, Economist Magazine.

    How one man @narendramodi could push a country’s image from shinning to intolerant. Leaders are very important. They set the tone. Thank God, we have a peace lover. Shahbaz Gil.
  2. GTV Pakistan

    Kashmir Need Attention, 163 Days Curfew, Extreme Cold And Indian Army Became Torment

  3. Z

    India main rehne wale muslmano ka Mustaqbil kya ho ga (Mona Alam Analysis)

  4. GTV Pakistan

    How Was 2019 For Indians, Minorities and Muslims



    In June 2019, CJP led a delegation of eminent lawyers and journalists to Assam to take stock of ground realities. During our visit to Bijni in Chirang district we met Biswanath Das whose 70 year old mother Parbati has been languishing in the Kokrajhar Detention Camp for over 2 years and 8...
  6. Siasi Jasoos

    Big achievement of Pakistan in UN - Justice Asif Khosa - Sami Ibrahim Analysis

  7. P

    گرا ہوا انسان کہاں کہاں گرا ?

    So the proud father of "dissidents" Mr Modi lucharh has been a laughing stock for quite a while... But this time he is in the headlines for embarrassment due to "other" reasons... Reasons that he probably cannot pin on Pakistan and Pakistan Army because going down head first into shite is...
  8. Digital_Pakistani

    Its official. Fazalur Rehman playing in the hands of India.

    PM @ImranKhanPTI today chaired a meeting of the Core Committee of @PTIofficial, which condemned the unacceptable language used by the JUI-F leaders during Dharna. The major casualty of which was the Kashmir cause, thus playing into India's hands.
  9. WNN

    When and where will be Fazal ur Rehman Arrested? || Government Decides || AM Shahid Lateef || WNN

  10. A

    How to apply online for PM Kamyab Jawan Loan Scheme ?

  11. Siasi Jasoos

    Indians join Pakistanis in urging Gates Foundation not to honor Modi

    Indians and Pakistani human rights activists have come together to urge the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation not to honor Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an award in light of the alarming human rights situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir. According to reports, two prominent lawyers...
  12. Siasi Jasoos

    French rights groups march against India's occupation of Kashmir

    PARIS: A large number of Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Arabs, and French people gathered on Sunday here at Paris's main railway station to protest against the month-long lockdown in Indian-occupied Kashmir and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's fascist policies. People chanted slogans not just against...
  13. S

    کیا ن لیگ پر فوج ظلم کروا رہی ہے؟َ

  14. Siasi Jasoos

    الزامات بے بنیاد، بھارت نے میرے خلاف ایک بھی ثبوت نہیں دیا، ذاکر نائیک

    کوالالمپور: (دنیا نیوز) انٹر پول کی جانب سے ذاکر نائیک کی گرفتاری سے انکار کے بعد معروف مذہبی سکالر کہتے ہیں کہ انٹرپول کے فیصلے پر بھارتی عوام حیران ہے، مجھے کوئی حیرانی نہیں ہوئی۔ ذاکر نائیک کا مزید کہنا تھا کہ بھارت نے میرے خلاف ایک بھی ثبوت نہیں دیا، تمام الزامات بے بنیاد ہیں، مودی سرکار...
  15. Siasi Jasoos

    Donald Trump is making fun of Modi and India

  16. A

    Finally the truth under ground reality compulsions. DG ISPR

  17. A

    Indian Military Establishment anxious on Modi & Hindu Extremist Policies