1. Shadow-Man

    Imran Khan missed a "Golden Opportunity" of another Five star luxurious "DHARNA" Upon Hilary's arriv

    I was wondering why Mr Imran Khan has not given "Dharna" upon arrival of Hilary Clinton, there could be some reasons, Which I believe would have been the reason of this Dharna, which are mentioned below. 1) At airport when she arrived. 2) At President's house, where Hilary Clinton was busy...
  2. E

    Breaking News - Moin Akhtar passes away of Heart Attack :( - R.I.P Moin Akhtar (You will be missed b

    Another shocker for Pakistan, We lost another legend today.
  3. canadian

    After a missed connection, woman places an ad !!

    After a missed connection, woman places an ad Published On Thu Mar 10 2011 Nicole Baute Staff Reporter Linda Patterson has a regret, but she is determined to set it right. There was a man on her flight from Winnipeg to Toronto on Sunday attractive, not too tall, and smart enough to...

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