1. R

    PIMS Islamabad : Execellent Piece of Work done by PPP Govt. (2007 to 2013)

    A Visit to PIMS: Findings of today's Visit for General Medicine Department of PIMS Hospital. It's an other excellent piece of work done by PPP Govt bad Politics...... Please see the Image for more inside view..... day after Tomorrow we all are going for Vote.........keep in mind Vote sensibly...
  2. RustamShah

    Islamic Medicines - Will poison effect on you ?

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  3. zeshaan

    Pakistan offers Bhutan cooperation in education, medicine Jee haan inn chezoon kee buhtat hay hamaray haan,isliay, Apnay ghar kaa haal maaloom naheen aorr chalay hain doosaroon kee tarbeat karnay. KIa aisee hee tarbeat karain gay yeh loog, jaisay kaam yeh ghar main kar rahay hain.
  4. D

    Prophetic Medicine - Honey

    The Wonder of Honey The Wonder of Honey Honey is a gift of nature to humankind. The healing properties of honey, cannot be denied. Research has shown that honey can benefit burns, fungal infections and may even protect against ageing. L I F E & T I M E S