1. jhootaylog

    Mustafa Kamal lied about MQM international secretariat, Kashif Abbasi & Amir Liaqut tell the truth w

    Amir Liaquat On MQM International Secretariat Kashif Abbasi On MQM International Secretariat
  2. Skeptic

    Open lie of MQM regarding the address of MQM's International Secretariat

    MQM lie about the address of International Sectt in press conference MQM has lied in press conference that the address mentioned at the letter written by Altaf Hussain to Mr. Tony Blair is wrong. May be address now changed but it was at that time. Every body is requested to public it as much as...
  3. C

    Traitor Najam Sethi Pakistani media ko Indian propoganda promote kurnay kay lie use kur ruha hai...

    Gaddar Najam Sethi using Pakistan media to promote Indian agenda...
  4. L

    MQM's another lie... DG ISI did not order the Rangers deployment at Kati Pahari.
  5. K

    The Cruel Lie: Bombing To Liberate Women

    By Debra Sweet The Cruel Lie: Bombing To Liberate Women A heartbreaking and infuriating downward spiral for Afghan women-- Women are NOT doing better. Please click...
  6. biomat

    The Last Days of the Big Lie

    Watch all 9 parts , but first part is enough for those who have doubts about holocaust.
  7. adnan78692

    What about This News.. Kya Ye Bhi Koi New "Surprise" Hoga Pakistan K Lie..??

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