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    Dr. Tahir ul Qadri Responds to Donald Trump's Threats to Pakistan - Watch Complete Press Conference

    Nothing more important than Pakistan's integrity: Tahir ul Qadari
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    Humanity requires that oppression should be wronged,Mustafa kamal

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    PAT-led APC gives Jan 7 deadline for resignations of Shahbaz, Sanaullah

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    Metro bus - Nakam Ya Kamyab

  5. P

    PMLN supporters' message on disqualification of Nawaz Sharif

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    Lahore Metro Bus Travel 2017

    Is se pehle koye b...s kare...let me explain I am not affiliated with any political party. But my heart goest to PTI. Lekin mein koye member nahin hoon kissi bhi party ka na hi apnay kissi bhi video mein political statements deta hoon.
  7. iSupportPTI

    پی ٹی آئی لاہور کینٹ کی ن لیگ کو بڑی دھمکی ، راہ راست پر آ جائو ورنہ!

    We will not allow N league to do any more corruption adventures and we will protect supreme court of Pakistan at any cost! PTI Lahore cantt gathered to celebrate Panama Case and remembers all those who sacrificed for this great cause. Imran Khan Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad!
  8. Pak News Official

    Electronic Rickshaws are here and they are amazing!

    Transportation is a necessity to move from one place to another. Nowadays, public transport is not a relief anymore but still people are availing it just for the sake of time being. Lahore is the city of hospitable people and if we say that they have a better system of transport rather than the...
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    Asad Umar Question And Answer Session with PTI Social Media Team

  10. iSupportPTI

    Grandson Allama Iqbal, Walid Iqbal lashes out at Sharifs and challenges them for Public JIT in Lahor

    Walid Iqbal addressing #PTI Lahore at the Iftar Dinner hosted yesterday, warned PMLN that they will face the same treatment from public as they are getting from the Supreme Court Panama JIT. He said PTI stands for the equality, rule of law and will make sure the powerful will be accountable for...
  11. K

    Comparison of Lahore Metro, Islamabad Metro & Trans Peshawar

  12. A Abbasi

    Public Opinion on Panma Papers & PMLN's performance from PM Nawaz Sharif's constituency(NA 122)

    AS everyone, Last week's team went out on the streets of lahore to see what is the public sentiment on Panama papers & discussed a bit of performance of PMLN Government so far.
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    Lahore ki 10 Khoobsorat Tareen Jaghain Jahan Sab se Ziada Tourists Atay hain!

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    Top 10 Must Visit Places in Lahore

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    Watch initial investigation report of Lahore DHA blast

    alternate link
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    Fixit in Punjab launched by Punjab Government

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