1. ali-raj

    Little Bruce Lee - Barca ka bachpan

    848263905223399 P.S Admin plz add youtube video.
  2. ActionPredictor

    Little Boy Trying To Break Board In Taekwondo

  3. crankthskunk

    Proud to be a PAKISTANI: TECH WIZ KID

    We guys bring doom and gloom news most of the time about Pakistan and its conditions, rightly so, but here is some good news for all Pakistanis. A Wiz kid from Lahore is doing bit of inventing to give Pakistan good name internationally. He has been recognised as "One of the world top technology...
  4. J

    Look What this Little Kid wants for Eidi - Shoe to throw on Zardari..LOL

  5. gazoomartian

    Priest embraces Islam! - My Introduction To Islam Came From A Little Kid

    I just received this in email. For those who haven't seen this video. subhanAllah some one broke video insertion
  6. Faiza

    6 Year Old Muslim Kid on The Deen Show

  7. barhaich

    Pakistani Kid Made Touch Screen System To Control Home..

  8. Geek

    Brilliant Karachi school kid makes nation proud

    By Imran Hafeez KARACHI: A seven-year-old student of Karachi made the nation proud by winning an international English language competition. Zaid Siddiqui, a student of class II, is a resident of Bagh Korangi. He participated in International Olympiad of English Language event and secured...
  9. Tilloo

    A classic answer by a Kid on "what are human beings basic needs?"

  10. arnold_mic

    17 profesional game developers vs 14 yr old kid!!!

    Very interesting game (7 million downloads) 14 Year Old Kid Creates Bubble Ball iTunes Most Famous Free App
  11. N

    New Funny Afghan Kid Arguing with USA Soldier...... HAHAHAHAHAH....

    Funny Afghan Kid fighting with USA Soldier & abusing in English & in Pashtu..
  12. sarmad

    What do you think of this little kid?

  13. Geek

    A little Kid controlling Traffic in Bin Ghazi, to show his support for revolution.

  14. sarmad

    Zero to Hero - This Kid is a Hero!