1. The_Choice

    Hamre Ghar Ki 50% Islah Aaj Hosakti Uskeliye Hume Kya Karna Hoga

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  2. Ali-NZ

    Is Zaid Hamid another Fitna upon Pakistan?

    Ghazwa-e-Hind is not mentioned in all 6 books of hadith ( Sihah-e-Sittah, the most authentic books of hadith) and it is also not mentioned in any Maroof or Mutawattar ( Authentic and continuously stated ) hadith. Ziad Hamids team have created a website to show its importance and they have...
  3. Narcissist

    Mobile Phone is Fitna, Our state of mind

    Check it out, what our so-called Ulema have to say about Mobile phone. I wonder, who are these people? Same thing was said about loud speaker few decades back, same was attitude of Taliban against TV and Radio and so on. So problem is not Taliban, problem is this kind of ignorance, which we...
  4. karachiwala

    The Fitna before Yusuf Kazzab

    Not sure how many people remember this guy but he was also very famous and was declared a gumrah because he was calling himself mahdi only.