1. Night_Hawk

    The competing arguments used to explain the riots

    11 August 2011 Last updated at 06:45 ET The competing arguments used to explain the riots. Many theories have been posited about the underlying causes of the riots in England - from moral...
  2. mohib

    US asks China to explain why it needs aircraft carrier

    WASHINGTON The United States said Wednesday it would like China to explain why it needs an aircraft carrier amid broader US concerns about Beijing's lack of transparency over its military aims. "We would welcome any kind of explanation that China would like to give for needing this kind of...
  3. swing

    Can anyone explain, don't we have our own role models?

    Yeh angrayz rol model hai revolution ka yah hamray mulak ki bachiya advance ho gaye hain? YEh Angrayz koon hai bhai aur iss ihtijaaj mai kia kar raha hai .KUREE nay sirf style walee photo lee hai shyd? (apni jahalat k leye mafi chahata hoo per koon hai yeh PAEE)?
  4. awan4ever

    Nusrat Javed and Mosharraf Zaidi explain why those who criticize the Army are NOT asking for its dis

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWl4o5M0VeA&feature=player_embedded#at=82 Please watch this video with an open mind. Those of you who call every other person who criticizes the Army a traitor should especially try to listen to what they are saying. Im sure a lot of you still wont get it...
  5. A

    Imran and pti should explain there policies??

    People know Imran Khan but they hardly know about his plans on national issues. Pakistan wants to see Imrans economic plan and the team that will run countrys economy. Pakistan is following a capitalism based economic system that is linked to the dollar based financial system which fuels...
  6. D

    Can anyone explain Rehman Malik's frequent trips to iran? Whats behind them?

    guys rehman malik has visited iran and met ahmedi nijaad for third time in one month!!!!!i follow iran news so i noticed this strange fact.do check this yourself. in last months too rehman malik has visited iran more than he visited any other country now we all know that rehman malik is an agent...
  7. zardarifan

    Azizi explain the real role of Pakistani "ESTABLISHMENT"

  8. Geek

    Explain your Siasat.pk Id

    Dear all, I see different kind of username here and honestly speaking some are difficult to pronounce for me, why don't we share what our ids stand for. Please explain you siasat.pk id why does it mean and why did you choose it. Starting with me Geek: computer expert or enthusiast...
  9. Salik

    Could somebody explain.. 5000 phones with one IMEI No??

    Can somebody with some electronics background please explain how is it possible to have phones with the same EMI No???? As far as I knew EMI no is a unique identifier... and the phones are manufactured in a way that it is specific for a specific phone??? I would be grateful if people could...