energy crisis

  1. crankthskunk


    Dar is off the podium after delivering his budget speech. The points, 1- Pension increased from Rs3000 to Rs5000. 2- Sales tax increased from 16% to 17%. 3- Sales tax exemption on dried milk is withdrawn, meaning the milk would be taxed at 17%. 4- Youth training would start, under 25...
  2. S

    Reverse Metering + Solar Panels

    While informal chat, Dr. Anjum Iqbal sahib gave a good idea regarding energy solution as follows: The solar panel system can be more useful, if we use 'Reverse Metering' system: Govt. may help people buying solar panels on soft loans. Govt. may recommend/approve solar system...
  3. J

    Dr samar will buy machinary for plant from local Flea market

  4. mt_dilber

    Sade Mulk Di Bijli - Coke studio (Parody)

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