1. crankthskunk

    E-Mail sent to Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    I have just sent an e-mail to Aamir. Those who are thinking to forgive him, should read it, and understand he has not changed at all. He is still lying. Please read it and give it a thought to the obvious, he is still lying in this article.
  2. crankthskunk

    E-Mail sent to CJ of SC of Pakistan

    Attn: Rt. Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court My Lord, I am an Overseas Pakistani. Even though I am not a national of Pakistan in legal sense but I consider myself to be a Pakistani first and foremost. I am writing to you after becoming disillusioned and depressed from...
  3. fahid_asif

    ISI Chief - Ahmed Shuja Pasha Email ID hacked by Indian Hacker
  4. crankthskunk

    My E-mail to Nusarat Javeed on his Articles

    [email protected] Mr. Javeed, Before I criticise your two recent articles, let me clarify to you my position. I am what you call overseas Pakistani, who until very recently didnt even have the ID card, but recently for nothing else but to avoid the troubles in obtaining the visa to...
  5. Night_Hawk

    The militarys media is using free web e-mail accounts? Don't we know that these accounts are not sec

    Free emails for the military? by Osama Bin Javaid on May 14th, 2011 | Comments (2) Concept art by Nadir Siddiqui/ Recently, I was browsing through the ISPR website searching for their media contacts. And I was in for a shocker. The militarys media contact page proudly boasts of...
  6. S

    Pakistani is doing it once again - Early Bird by

    It gives an immense pleasure to let you all know that once again while sitting in Pakistan we at have pioneered in developing the very first Native Email Client for Blackberry Play book called as Early Bird. We are getting a lot of international coverage please go through the following...
  7. itsnotme90

    My email conversation with Saudi Friend

    I ask my Saudi Arabian friend who is native Saudi about the current situation & thats what he replied me . I m posting this email conversation for those who are still blind & think that this is the propaganda of west while people are happy in saudia. When i ask whats going on in saudi arabia ...