1. atensari

    فرعونیت کی اگلی لہر اور اس کا انجام - نذیر نا&

  2. hans

    Difference between 1857 Indian Uprising - 2010/11 Middle East democratic uprising.

    The Year of the Chapatis In late 1856, rumors swept across northern India about a new rifle being used by the East India Company the Lee-Enfield Rifle. The rifles ammunition was carried in a paper-wrapped cartridge with the powder and ball. The paper was greased to be water-proof. For a...
  3. hans

    Youth Shot in Alexandria (Egypt)... very graphic.

    Watch it if you have a strong heart.
  4. uzair.mahmood

    For all who think Pakistan cannot be tunisia or Egypt! (MUST WATCH)

    This is a documentary made in 2005, but is interesting because it shows that the current developments in Egypt are not something that just came out of the blue. Revolutions do not come overnight. There is a process to each revolution. But what triggers a revolution is what matters at the end...
  5. KhanHaripur

    Egypt president dismisses cabinet New President Hosni Mubarak has defended the role of Egypt's security forces in suppressing anti-government protests which have rocked the country. Mr Mubarak also dismissed his government and said a new cabinet would be announced on Saturday...