1. S

    Dressing of a Muslim Woman

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, http://www.dailyislam.pk/dailyislam/2011/june/10-06-2011/magazine/mag-04.php http://www.deeneislam.com/ur/misc/BOOKS/Pardah/ http://www.deeneislam.com/ur/misc/BOOKS/6_Women/
  2. mrcritic

    Known Bookie Spotted in Indian dressing room

    While the whole India was engrossed and glued to their television sets watching the India vs Netherlands match at Ferozeshah Kotla on Wednesday, a known Delhi bookie was spotted by the vigilant NewsX team in the Indian dressing room. The man in question is Pradeep Agarwal, a man known for being...