1. mrcritic

    Now back to vulgarity on TV

    As Ramadan has now ended, our TV channels are back in action promoting "Extreme Roshan Khiyali" yet once again. - Ary Digital, TV One and Hum Tv have/had Indian Movies playing for 1st/2nd day of eid - How appropriate. . . - Eid dramas & plays - full of indian songs and dances - Although good...
  2. biomat

    SHADOW GOVERNMENT ZION 2012 Combined Dramas Middle East Revolutions

    EVERY ONE HAVE RIGHT TO ACCEPT IT OR NOT. ALLAH KNOWS BEST... If E.T = Demon/Shaytanic Djinns Quote: Jabir ibn 'Abd Allah said, "The Prophet said, 'The Dajjal will appear at the end of time, when religion is taken lightly. He will have 40 days in which to travel throughout the earth. One...
  3. ealtaf

    Andhaira Ujala-Good old Pakistani Dramas

  4. usman6062

    Pakistani Dramas Thread

    Drama Serial: Qaid-e-Tanhai This is Title song for HUM Channel Drama Serial Quaid-e-TanhaiI really liked this drama and watched all 20 episodes in just 1.5 day .(i know it crazy but once you get interest...i bet you will not loose it.) I recomend everybody to watch it. The Title song is...