1. I

    Love this Pic

  2. F

    Answer to a question raised by Pml-n on SKMT

    The leaders of pml n are not only incompetent and corrupt but myopic and intellectually challenged as well. If they had bothered to have a peak at the donation page of SKMT they would have known how donors differentiate between zakat and donation (follow the link below). I hope this spells...
  3. canadian

    Muslims beware of misuse of mosque donation funds !!

    muslims beware of misuse of mosque donation funds building more and more mosques (masajids) and collection of donations , pledges and even removing jewelery of our women by exploitng islam and the name of allah has become a good business in the west. These self nominated/ self appointed so...
  4. GraanG2

    PPP's Blood Donation Campaign or Just Photo Op for Jayalas

  5. C

    Blood donation campaign: "Mujhay Hakeem Nay Blood Donate kernay Say Manaa Kiya Hai" - Aslam Raisani

    On the birthday anniversary of Benazeer Bhutto when PPPP's workers and leadership were donating their blood CM Balochistan refused to donate blood saying 'Mujhay Hakeem Zubair Nay Khooon Denay Say Manaa Kiya Hai' [hilar] (clap)
  6. B

    organ donation and zardari