1. ApnaTank

    Chitrali Folk Music and Dance at Wagah Border Lahore

  2. U

    Wow, check this Kid's dance you will forget all professional dancers

    watch here a kid dancing steps it's amazing :lol::lol::lol: just watch here and comment your thoughts.
  3. Raaz

    Dance Party in Presidency - Eid Mubarak

  4. KhanHaripur

    SAFMA - Sindh Assembly Dance Party in 2006

    A ceremony organized by SAFMA in the Sindh Assembly Premesis turns into a dance party where renowed personalities of Pakistani politics can be seen dancing with Indian women. Our politicians feel no shame over degrading the moral values of Pakistani culture. The Deputy Speaker of Sindh Assembly...
  5. N

    Dance of the Mirlitons - Mariinsky Ballet

    Hello friends, I present to you - Dance of the Mirlitons performed by the Mariinsky Ballet. What an amazing video. Look at the grace and beauty of the dancers!!! Just imagine the time and effort that has been put in by the performers and others. Simply Brilliant!!!
  6. D

    VIP dance party with alcohol broken up in defense lahore,brother in law of ahsan iqbal held

    VIP dance party broken up the Nation,July 18,2011. LAHORE – The Defence police arrested 12 persons along with the brother-in-law of PML-N’s central leader Ahsan Iqbal in a raid on a dance party in DHA’s GG Block. Imran, the brother-in-law of Ahsan Iqbal and several others present at the...
  7. A

    Hajj a islamic Duty and Dance my Lovely Profession - Nargis..

    Stage dancer and actress Nargis says that she performed Hajj as a religious duty but dance is her profession, when she asked about the combination of hajj and dance. Nargis says that Moulana Tariq Jamil says her, his daughter and she has a well religious knowledge that she can argue with any...
  8. canadian

    Blood on the dance floor !!!

    Blood on the dance floor: Bugti scion killed at party By Faraz Khan / Salman Siddiqui Published: June 27, 2011 Nawabzada Mir Taalay Bugti was in his early 20s. PHOTO: FILE KARACHI/QUETTA: Somewhere out there is a man running for his life because he has just killed the grandson of...
  9. Jack Sparrow

    Monkey Dance Party.

    Monkey Qaumi Mujra (MQM) [hilar]:lol::P:lol:[hilar] Note: This post is not intended to degrade any political party or leader.However I am not responsible for self imaginations by members. Moderators , don't spoil the innovation of some one , No leader is...
  10. S

    Its time for ballet dance

    Definitely high time for my impotent arab brothers for another ballet dance.....b***d camel s****rs. Why arabs never managed to resolve their internal disputes? Just can't handle this depression any more. Allied forces bombed another country to rescue them from bombing???? UN? what a joke. NATO...
  11. M

    Time for some songs, music and dance

  12. foqia khan

    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS