1. gazoomartian

    Corruptions in India - Protester hurls slipper

    Gazoo Notes: India is 8 times bigger than Pakistan, therefore corruption must also be 8 times that in Pakistan. The only difference is that we, through our media announce and publicize, but in India it remains a secret until a reports gets the wind. Protester hurls slipper at Indian ...
  2. P

    PPP/ Zardari's Supporters in Birmingham UK....(Must Read)

    Zardari/PPP's supporters in UK Let me depict the actual character and standing of those 2400 worshippers of Bhutto/Zardari present in one of the most famous arenas of UK. Analysis of PPP/Zardari supporters in UK, mainly Birmingham (Male): - Taxi drivers, mostly Hackney, 17 out of 24 hours...