1. iSupportPTI

    Teaching Cheating to Pakistan - Think before its late

    Its not whatsapp who leaks the question papers before the exams, its actually the Education Department people who sell Question Papers to make money which ultimately then goes to the social media. Ohhh.. yes they are destroying our nation and future generation... with their own hands! For more...
  2. Tonight With Jasmeen

    Tonight with Jasmeen - 30th June 2011 - Imran Khan & Sharmila Farooqi - Cheating by PPP in AJK Elect

  3. S

    shining indian - Judges caught cheating in exam
  4. Night_Hawk

    Matric Examination: Cheating goes on in full swing in Sindh despite imposintion of #144

  5. U

    Cheating by

    Cheating by ہماری ہمدردیاں اسرائیل کے ساتھ ہے،ایرانی This thread was closed by admin while after closing of thread there are posts by other members. STOP CHEATING