1. Nawazish

    Who is Going to buy Imran Khan's Upcoming book? If you do,~~~ Like this post!~~~~

    Even If someone gives the book to me for free, I will still buy Imran's book, so he gets the money. Just wondering how many of you are as excited as me? (bigsmile) If you are going to buy the book, Please Click LIKE :)
  2. Raaz

    Government failed to protect people - RM offering to buy Government security

    What a businessman is this... بھتے کی پرچیاں ملنے پر کراچی کے تاجر رحمان ملک کے سامنے پھٹ پڑے۔ وزیرداخلہ نے معاوضہ دے کر ایف سی اہلکار رکھنے کی پیشکش کردی ۔ بھتے کی پرچیاں ملنے پر کراچی کے تاجر رحمان ملک کے سامنے پھٹ پڑے کراچی میں تاجروں کے وفد نے وزیر داخلہ رحمان ملک سے...
  3. A

    Please buy my three children... and give them a better future

    SIALKOT: Of the many things for sale outside Government Allama Iqbal Hospital, perhaps the most intriguing are Waqas, 9, his six-year-old brother Waqar and their three-year-old sister Amna. Their mother Khatoon Bibi, 33, has put them up for sale in the hope that they will be bought by somebody...
  4. Geek

    Permit Kuwaiti Women To Buy Good-Looking Men

    Islamic Thinker Describes Proposal As Strange And Odd KUWAIT CITY, June 25: A few weeks after creating waves with the suggestion that Kuwaiti men be allowed to keep concubines to satisfy their urges, former national assembly candidate and activist Salwa Al-Mutairi has called for issuing a law...
  5. sarmad

    A Chinese Boy Sells His Kidney To Buy An iPad And Now He Regrets It

    A 17-year-old Chinese boy decided to sell his kidney for 20,000 yuan so he could buy an iPad, the Shanghai Daily reports. But, he's not feeling well now, and he's regretting the decision. He had his kidney removed after being contacted by someone on the internet that specializes in this sort...
  6. MediaCell

    Establishment can never buy Imran Khan
  7. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    New push by politicians to buy costly bulletproof cars

    New push by politicians to buy costly bulletproof cars By Rauf Klasra Published: April 8, 2011 The scheme in the name of vulnerable personalities was dumped 6 months ago. PHOTO: AFP/FILE ISLAMABAD: Powerful politicians belonging to both the ruling party and its coalition partners have...
  8. foqia khan

    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS

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