1. H

    Amazing Chimpanzee has photographic memory! Smart

    Brilliant.. Itna smart to insaan bhi shayad nahi hotay (bigsmile) Source: www.facebook.com/gadgtecs
  2. Geek

    US President Bush begged Italian PM Berlusconi to stop bribing the Taliban in Afghanistan

    PRESIDENT George W. Bush made a personal plea to Silvio Berlusconi to stop Italian forces paying bribes to the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to newly discovered US diplomatic cables. They show that concerns over alleged Italian payments to insurgents, long denied by Rome, reached the...
  3. J

    Bush's & Obama's war

  4. Khabar Naak

    Khaber Naak - 3rd July 2011 - Janab Bush Sahab

  5. J

    Endless supply of narcotics' in George W Bush's empire by Lisa Baron

    The book titled 'The Life of the Party', written by Lisa Baron, recounts a lifestyle of casual sex and 'a seemingly endless supply of narcotics' in George W Bush's empire Read full story : http://hindsamachar.in/5762/Hind-Samachar/8-June-2011#p=page:n=3:z=2 'Sex, drugs and dirt during Dubya...
  6. Z

    False Alarm - Bush Administration raised threat level for political gains - Conspiracy theory prove

  7. Abdali

    Pakistan Planning To assasinate Mass Murderer Of muslims George W Bush.

    We might ask ourselves how we would be americans reacting if Pakistani commandos landed at George W. Bushs compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic. I would be dancing on the street. The criminal coward army of liars and the dallal slave agent filth ruling elite must...
  8. QaiserMirza

    George Bush with Chinese President