1. Pakcola

    ٹوٹل آیل گھبرا گیا - بائیکاٹ جاری رکھو

    عوام کے کامیاب بائیکاٹ پر ٹوٹل پٹرول پمپ والوں نے مختلف علاقوں میں اپنے نام چھپانا شروع کردئیے تاکہ عوام کو دھوکہ دے سکیں - بائیکاٹ جاری رکھو مکروں معافی مانگے گا - انشاللہ
  2. P

    پاکستانی میڈیا برطانوی میڈیا سے زیادہ آزاد ہے ۔ عمران خان اور ساری دنیا

    In UK, intelligence agencies send their agents to media houses to destroy hard drives to stop them from reporting specific material to public. In Pakistan, anyone boycotting Dawn and other mafia media houses who have been proven again and again to be lying, promoting Indian propaganda and...
  3. D

    Outrage against Geo on social media due to its favoritism for India and PMLN

    Geo news and its owner Mir Shakeel ur Rehman are involved in numerous controversies in which it is evident that they favor the Indian agenda, as well as telecasting biased news in favor of PMLN. Geo news is famous for its ideology against two-nation theory and many other incidents in past were...
  4. S

    Breaking news - Jamat-e-islami boycott Elections from Karachi

    JI and MQM are on media Why PTI is not making point in media, where is media team ?????…????? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?????????????????? ??????? ?? ??? ???????? ?????? ?? ????????? ???? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ??????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????? ??? ??????? ??? ?? ...
  5. A

    More Advertisers Boycott News Of The World - Baddua lagi Pakistnio ki isko??

    Ford, The Co-operative Group, Vauxhall, Lloyds Banking Group and Virgin Holidays have suspended adverts in the News Of The World over phone hacking claims...
  6. J

    Kashmir Eelction Postponed In Karachi Due To MQM Resistance To With Draw On One Seat

    Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) lawmakers boycotted the Sindh Assembly session on Saturday to protest against deferment of polling at two seats of Azad Kashmir legislature for Kashmiri refugees in Karachi. The MQM leader Faisal Sabzwari has said that the elections have been postponed on the...
  7. ealtaf

    Boycott America Economically and You will WIN...!

    Definition: A boycott is a form of consumer activism involving the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for political reasons. Notable boycotts Although the term itself was not coined until...
  8. Cross Fire

    CorssFire - 6th April 2011 - Mohsin Hassan Khan - Zulfiqar Mirza statement, MQM will boycott from Si

  9. Faiza

    Boycott Israel Campaign

    BOYCOTT ISRAEL CAMPAIGN By buying products made by Israel & Jews we are contributing to their economy hence supporting the genocide of innocent Palestinians, who are surrounded and are being attacked by Air, sea and land. A bar code starting with 729″ indicates that this product is...
  10. Reporter

    Reporter - 22nd March 2011 - Kamil Ali Agha - Zardari Addresses Parliament Amid Protests And Boycott

  11. Lekin

    Lekin - 21st March 2011 - Mustafa Kamal - Will MQM Participate or Boycott In Tomorrow Combine Meeti