1. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    MQM Leader Altaf Hussain appealed to the Nation for Peace

    AH begging for Peace in Pakistan - A news article Altaf Hussain asks Parties to Exercise Patience
  2. billo786

    Shah Abdullah and Zardari By Azizi

  3. crankthskunk

    MQM begging Americans not to treat and consider them as Criminals and Terrorists : WIKILEAKS

    We are not criminals, honest. Look at us, we have done so much work in Karachi, from the money Musharaf gave us, don't you worry if we have sent half of the funds to London, to "Bhai" the Don. But honest, we are not criminals. What is killing few thousands to have our authority established. You...
  4. G

    Pakistans begging bowl runs deep

    Pakistans begging bowl runs deep Allah Ditta hurriedly hides his ration and relief packets under the shabby rug which adorns his clumsy tent dwelling as he sees a TV team approaching his relief tent. His wife Naseera has now joined the queue to get another packet or two of the relief goods...