1. sarbakaf

    Armed ralley in hyderabad in favour of zulfiqar mirza

    Why did govt not arrest all of these PPP jayalays.....or was its govt intention to show MQM their armed strength ?
  2. Bilal_Mushi

    Indian govt., does not trust the relations between the Pak govt., and the armed forces : Manmohan

    Talks with Pakistan should continue: Manmohan Singh The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that a democratic Pakistan is in India’s interest. Talking to the editors of newspapers in New Delhi, Manmohan Singh said that Pakistan was tied up with internal affairs hence...
  3. WatanDost

    France: We Armed Libyan Rebels

    France Admits to Arming Libyan Rebels By DAVID JOLLY and KAREEM FAHIM Published: June 29, 2011 Col. Thierry Burkhard, a spokesman for the French military, said France responded in early June to a United Nations request, made in May, for a humanitarian pause to allow the delivery of...
  4. A

    Express Tribune promoting Indian Conspiracies against Pakistan Armed Forces

    The 5th Columnist Express Tribune is constantly carrying the dirty propaganda to malign the Armed forces of Pakistan. For that, they are going to such a shameless extent that they are happily proving their press to be dumb and deficient in intellect. Recently the traitor Express Tribune has...
  5. janbazali

    Conspiracy Revealed against Pakistan Armed Forces (Sindh Rangers Incident) - Must Watch unedited vid

    unedited video of Karachi Rangers incident............rangers get pistol from the suspect, and in it it was clearly mentioned how the suspect is attacking on the weapon of ranger....whereas ranger is giving him safe passage by saying him to lay down
  6. chitra

    Unjustified expenditure: Major irregularities surface in armed forces accounts

    Embezzlement, ineffective internal controls led to Rs56.5 billion in discrepancies. ISLAMABAD: The auditor-general of Pakistan has unearthed massive financial irregularities amounting to Rs56.5 billion in the accounts of the armed forces during fiscal year 2011. According to the Audit Report...
  7. janbazali

    Long Live Pakistan & the Armed Forces of Pakistan...................[must watch]

  8. M_Adnan.L

    Take back 100% increase in armed forces salaries after this pathetic performance!

    Last year govt. increased salaries of our armed forces by 100%. This increase was made so that Pakistani armed forces improve their performance and protect their country in a better way by giving them BIG ECONOMIC RELIEF. but the result was devastating. Their performance is decreasing day...
  9. S

    'Armed gangs (or MQM/PPP/ST gangs) outnumber police in Karachi

    The cable notes that the “ST is a small religious/political group with a presence in small pockets of Karachi. The group has only managed to win a handful of council seats in local elections but militarily it is disproportionately powerful because of the influx of MQM-H gunmen. ST has organised...
  10. crankthskunk

    Americans We had Plan B: Armed Boots on the Ground

    Now USA is saying they had forces on the ground to stop Pakistani Army interfering on the Ground. Earlier they disclosed that they were monitoring it on the ground. We have given this excuse that they used ground hugging for the helicopters. Then the excuses, first radar were jammed, then...
  11. A

    Support Pak Armed Forces

    We were there for you in 1948, 1965 & 1971. We always bricked the defense wall with our blood. We were there on Indian tiger hills in Kargil. Even we were there in earthquakes and floods for you people. We were always there in any type of disaster for you. We sacrificed 5000 lives in...
  12. az.ay

    Supporting our Armed Forces

    Recently there have been several miscreants observed who are doing day in night out efforts to malign Pak Army on this forum. Since the Pak Army apparently does not have time to reply to these misleading extremists, we the patriot Pakistanis need to fill in this space highlighting good...