1. 1-Man-Army

    Doosra Pehlu - 22nd July 2011 - Akbar Sher Babar(PTI) - Who is responsible for corruption??

    excellent performance by Akber S. Baber
  2. H

    "Bhai Nusrat Javed ki Khidmat Mein" - Ghulam Akbar

    Source : http://www.alakhbar.com.pk/epaper/2011/7/7/data/aaj.jpg
  3. PakistaniFirst

    KAB TAK: Dawn News Program: Akbar Babar PTI, Kamil Ali Agha PMLQ, Tariq Fazal PMLN. On Solution to p

  4. I

    Mazarat Kay Sath - 27th April 2011 - Akbar Sher Babar on Is PMLN afraid of PTI?

  5. Geek

    Pakistan test-fires new nuclear-capable missile - Hatf IX (NASR) ''Allah u Akbar''

    Pakistan successfully tests fires ballistic missile RAWALPINDI: Pakistan successfully tested a surface-to-surface, short-range ballistic missile Nasr, Geo News reported. Nasr, a multi-tube ballistic missile of Hatf series can hit with atomic warhead up to 60kms, according to a statement by the...
  6. Lekin

    Lekin - 12th April 2011 - Abdul Qadir Baloch & Akbar Bugti - Balochistan ...Story Of Deprivation - E

    http://media5.justin.tv/archives/2011-4-12/highlight_283529875.flv http://media2.justin.tv/archives/2011-4-12/highlight_283529968.flv http://media6.justin.tv/archives/2011-4-12/highlight_283530177.flv http://media6.justin.tv/archives/2011-4-12/highlight_283530291.flv
  7. arslan4u

    Imran Khan's talk with Altaf Hussain only to discuss Pakistan's Sovereignity: Akbar S. Babar

    The MQM Quaid Mr. Altaf Hussein had repeatedly desired to talk with the PTI Chairman Mr. Imran Khan in the recent past. The MQM Leaders desire for a telephone conversation with the PTI Chairman was communicated to the PTI Sindh Leadership. The PTI requested clarity on the following issues...
  8. S

    Dr. Tahir ul Qadri's threads collections

    Islam is all about peace, harmony, interfaith dialogue and human rights: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri (Interview with ARY OneWorld) Host Question 1 Host Question 2 Host Question 3 Host Question 4 Host Question 5 [/youtube]