1. P

    Main Wanted Man in Mushtaq Raisani Mega Corruption Case Arrested

  2. Skeptic

    Sounds Lot better than Altaf..Do U Agree?

  3. Adeel

    Agree & Disagree instead of Like & Dislike?

    One of the members emailed us to get this changed. Makes sense to me but I would like your suggestion before I implement. I think it sounds more mature. Dislike is a bit harsh. In politics we all have our opinions, nothing personal. Some will agree and some disagree.
  4. maksyed

    How many of you AGREE or DISAGREE with it?

    How many of you are AGREE or DISAGREE with it?
  5. simple_and_peacefull

    Islamic countries agree to finance Bhasha Dam

    Source of news : Dunyia news Islamic countries have shown commitment to support Pakistan to build Bhasha Dam and work would start on this project soon.Bhasha Dam would be completed in 8 years and it would help stop floods and increase agriculture produce. The cost of the dam has increased to...
  6. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 11th May 2011 - Tasneem Qureshi & Mushahid Ullah - If Govt Will Not Agree For Judicial com

  7. TheYouth

    I agree with Abdul Razzaq 150%!!!! Abdul Razzaq played a peripheral role in Pakistan's World Cup campaign Associated Press Enlarge...