1. C

    "People in this Govt. who used to sell 'XXX movies' are now Suger mills's owners," accuses Mushahid

    Bhai pata karo ye banda koun hai [hilar]
  2. Geek

    Sarmila Bose's book, "Dead Reckoning" accuses Bengalis of 1971 war crimes

    Forty years ago Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan in a short but brutal civil war in which it was claimed as many as three million people could have died. A book released to coincide with the anniversary has reached some highly controversial conclusions as the BBC's Alastair Lawson...
  3. K

    Expat accuses Saudi ex-wife of denying access to kids - Must read this article
  4. Wadaich

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei- Accuses the United States of Supporting Terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanista

    ALI AKBAR DAREINI Associated Press First Posted: June 25, 2011 - 6:36 am Last Updated: June 25, 2011 - 12:40 pm TEHRAN, Iran Iran's supreme leader on Saturday accused the United States of supporting terrorism, pointing to American drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan that he said...
  5. C

    Nusrat Javed accuses Imran Khan's supporters of abusing him on twitter.

    [hilar] [hilar] [hilar] [hilar] [hilar] [hilar]
  6. S

    Economist accuses India of censorship over Kashmir map

    کشمیر کا نقشہ، بھارت پر سینسرشپ کا الزام بھارت میں حکام کی طرف سے اکانومسٹ میگزین کو اس کے تازہ ترین جریدے میں کشمیر کے متنازعہ علاقے کے نقشے کو چھپانے پر مجبور کرنے کے بعد بھارت کی حکومت پر جارحانہ سینسرشپ کا الزام عائد کیا ہے۔ بھارت کی حکومت نے اکانومسٹ میگزین میں شائع ہونے والے کشمیر...
  7. Bilal_Mushi

    PML(N) Ch. Nisar accuses Imran Khan as pawn of intelligent agencies.

    Last Updated On 25 April,2011 About 5 minutes ago Opposition leader alleges agencies involved in politics Opposition leader alleges agencies involved in politics He said he usually avoid criticising agencies but they were responsible for alliances and sit-in. Leader of the opposition...

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