Zulfiqar Bukhari takes charge as PM Imran Khan special assistant on overseas


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Aqraba parvari esi beemari hai jisne baday baday muslim khalifaon tak ko nahi chhora.... Imran khan to kuch bhi nahi.
i dont know much about him but what i know is that he and his dad is very reach british pakistani .. owns one of the biggest law firm .. malik al sayed ..and abbas investment inc who owns a big shopping mall a seven star hotel and many properties in england . their lawyers helped khan to get details about flagship properties currently they are working with the new task force for uk . they are very close to one of the key post holder british pakistani .yes zulfi bukhari was once accused for human trafficking but i guess that is not for money unfortunately that has sectarian element dominating in it . overall i didnt hear bad things about this family but god knows .. they are one of the biggest donors of shukaht khanum .... zulfi became in the eyes of khan when he manage to negotiate between khan and reham in early days i heard zulfi paid money to her a house in islamabad a car and one lack pound in england . zulfi is also running a cricket club in england ..what will he does in future god knows cant say yet .


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I do not like this appointment as well..
but anyway I will give time to Khan.. for sure I am not going to vote for NS and Zar atleast..
so lets see...
Cult following IK supporter will vote IK Nawaz to Nawaz AAZ to AAZ there is no difference between these three parties where are people that can rise beyond this

Fat Amigo

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Zulfiqar Bukhari supplies kanjria and cocaine to Amraan Niazi on his UK trips after Chico Jahangir did UMRAH and said he wont do it any more.
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