Why they want Asad Umar's head? - Dr Moeed Pirzada

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اسد عمر دوست ممالک کے پاس جانے کی بجائے ڈائریکٹ آئی ایم ایف کے پاس چلا جاتا تو پاکستان میں موجود آئی ایم ایف لابی کبھی بھی اتنے منظم انداز میں ان کے خلاف مہم نہ چلاتی


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I know imran khan. If you force him to do something, he would never do it. Therefore no for buzdar and no for asad's ouster
After a long time we have got a PM who has the guts, ability to work hard, face all odds and above all a good reputation for honesty and integrity in his commitment for the motherland. Unfortunately for the motherland the previous 3 decades we were ruled by rascals , scoundrels and robbers who have accumulated a lot of wealth and are now spending it to bring about the downfall of the whole country so that they can sell whatever is left after the dog I Dar mortgaged half the country. It is the time to rise and stand behind Imran as not only Imran's future is at stake but that of the whole motherland. Inshallah we shall overcome the difficulties being faced by the country with a brave stand.


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You and Moeed both seem to be spot on!

Asad represents working class professionals in politics. If he is shown to fail, then we'll never get out of dynastic politics!! And also, it's a common strategy that if you can't get the king, then get his heirs!!

They target Asad Umar because he has been widely considered as natural successor of Imran khan in PTI.... he represents the true face of PTI that a well off person has entered politics having no prior political background..


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pakistani economy sirf aladin ke lamp say hi sahi ho sakti ha.. baki to is mafia nay economy maa bain aik kar di ha.. IK ko new fresh elections call karnay chayee.. is hung parliament mein IK ke both hands tiedup hein


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Message hidden in what he is saying.

I hope PTI underatands that after IK asad umer is the most followed person in PTI we dont give a penuts about SMQ or Jahangir tareen.


Breaking news come through murryum safder ass via Mir shakeel ur rehman geo news and spread to express and Dunya news starts BARKING like dogs.
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